The award ceremony of the eleventh "National Furniture Design Competition" which is aimed to be an initiative to reveal goods that have enough quality for exportation by bringing successful designers and manufacturers together was carried out under the organization of the Turkish Exporters Assembly and the Central Anatolian Furniture, Paper & Forestry Products Exporters Association and the coordination of the Ministry of Trade on June 11, 2019. As a result of the competition to which 1,079 designers applied in 2017, 21 designers received a total of 77,000 TRY award. A total of 928 applications were submitted to the 11th National Furniture Design Competition held in 2019.

The 12th National Furniture Design Competition will begin accepting applications on October 26, 2020, and the award ceremony is planned to be held on March 20, 2021. The total amount of the award of the competition, in which 29 separate awards will be given, is 182,000 TRY.
The competition, which has the highest participation rates in the design field in Turkey, accepts applications in 4 different main themes that are home, office, kitchen, bathroom and smart furniture, from academics, professionals, undergraduate/graduate students and primary, secondary school and high school students.

The competition, which attracted interest of Turkish citizens not only living or studying in Turkey, but also in France, Italy, Germany and Northern Cyprus with their designs, received applications at a record level in 2017. 

The Original Members of the Jury of the Competition is composed of connoisseurs of design in Turkey: Reşit Soley, Aziz Sarıyer, Mustafa Toner, Kaan Dericioğlu, Didem Çapa, Fatih Kıral and Murat ARMAĞAN serve as the Original Jury Members where Professor Önder Küçükerman is the Chairman of the Jury.

The competition, where number of applications has increased every year since 2008, the year it was first organized, is supported by TRT, the Chamber of Architects, the Chamber of Interior Architects and the Association of Creative Children. 
Among the companies that contribute with their sponsorships to the awards given in the competition every year, Atagür, Bürotime, Erpa, Ersa, Gentaş, Kastamonu Entegre, Lazzoni, Madeş, Mikodam and Nurus take place for 2020-2021 term.

The biggest difference of the National Furniture Design Competition from other design competitions is that it covers the entire furniture industry, brings the producers and designers together to realize the designs, the designers participating to the competition find job opportunities in our manufacturer-exporter companies, it provides education opportunities with the state support for the award-winning designers within different processes at different educational institutions abroad such as the Italian Domus Academy, USA- CCS College, Italy-NABA (Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti) All these developments, which have emerged as a result of the competition that gives young generations ideas of designing, are the clearest indication of the fact that the it serves greatly to the purpose of bringing design and the sector together and strengthening export with new designs.

Within the scope of the competition that gathers primary, secondary and high school students in a separate category; a long-term investment is made to train future designers in the field of design. When all of these facts are taken into consideration, the importance of "the National Furniture Design Competition" is enormous for making Turkey have a say in the world furniture industry, and for the Turkish furniture sector to obtain their share in the markets of other countries that they deserve.

In this respect, all information about the competition is listed below for further clarification: 

1.   The first of the "Exporters Associations-National Furniture Design Competition" was held in 2008, and the twelfth is organized in the 2020-2021 period.

2.   Contributing Organizations to the Competition: It is organized under the coordination of the Ministry of Trade, the cooperation of Turkish Exporters Assembly and the organization of the Center Anatolian Furniture, Paper and Forestry Products Exporters Association.

3.   Objectives of the Competition: The objectives of the "Exporters Associations-National Furniture Design Competition";

In addition to these main goals, the following goals are among the objectives of this competition;

within different environments.
For the above reasons, this competition encourages, collects, evaluates, publishes and rewards;

4.    Supporting Organizations: TRT, Chamber of Architects, Chamber of Interior Architects, Creative Children Association
5.   Number of Participating Competitors:

928 in 2019
1,079 in 2017
1,171 in 2016
961 in 2015
1,153 in 2014
942 in 2013
808 in 2012
620 in 2011
680 in 2010
455 in 2009
264 in 2008

6.    Award Categories: The competition is available at 4 different themes as Home, Office, Kitchen-Bathroom and Smart Furniture, and to Academics, Professionals, Undergraduate/Graduate Students, Primary School, Secondary School and High School categories.

7. 2019 Awards Ceremony: It was carried out on June 11, 2019 at Turkish Exporters Assembly (TIM) in ISTANBUL.

8. Total amount of the awards is 72.000 TRY.

9. Total amount of the awards for 2020-2021 term is going to be 182.000 TL TRY. 

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