Wood Working Industry

The wood working industry, which is an indispensable sector in the development and growth of our country and whose importance is increasing in development policy initiatives, is one of the sectors where sustainability is applied and realized most intensively for our country. The forestry sector is an important sector that requires serious investment and research that enables the management of ecosystems open to nature and the transformation of the goods and services obtained from this ecosystem into products with high added value. Our forest areas, which are an integral part of the terrestrial ecosystem; covers the 28.6% of the total surface area of Turkey which constitutes approximately 23 million hectares.

The application of modern approaches in forest resources management constitutes the most important dimension of today's natural resource management and planning techniques. Modern forest resources planning and management attaches importance to the use and dissemination of optimization techniques.

Turkish businesses’ following modern technology closely with quality consciousness, young and dynamic workforce of the sector and a strong new technology machine park are the elements that makes Turkey stand out. Having the sector opened to international markets and with the increasing awareness of exporting, the sector gradually gains importance in both domestic and foreign markets.

Striving to raise production and quality standards and enacting some incentive laws for production are factors that increase both product quality and capacity.

High labor costs in EU countries, proximity to markets of many less developed countries around us, expansion of the sector especially to Central European, African and Central Asian countries, being in a better position in terms of education and technological level compared to neighboring countries are the factors that support our country's export.

The World

Chart 1– World Wood Working Industry Export

Source: Trademap

  • World wood working industry export in 2019 decreased by 9% to $ 135 billion.
  • Major countries in export: China with 10% share, Canada with 8.7% and Germany with 7.1% share.
  • Turkey ranks 35th with $ 885.5 million

In 2019, the export of the world wood working industry decreased by 9% compared to the previous year and realized as $ 135 billion. As of 2019, the top five countries that have a say in the world's wood working industry export are China, Canada, Germany, the Russian Federation and the USA. Turkey, which received 1% share of world export ranks 35th.

Chart 2- World Wood Working Industry Import


Source: Trademap

  • World wood working industry import in 2019 is $ 142.1 billion.   
  • Major countries: China with 15.4% share, USA with 13.5% share and Japan with 7.5% share.
  • Turkey ranks 49th with $ 405.9 billion 

In 2019, the import of the world wood working industry decreased by 9% compared to the previous year and realized as $ 142.1 billion. As of 2019, the top five countries that have a say in the world's wood working industry import are China, USA, Japan, Germany and the UK. Turkey, which received 0.3% share of world import ranks 49th.


In addition to the paper, wood and furniture sectors, forestry also indicates an important economic potential for areas such as mining, livestock, herbal production and pharmaceutical industry. Our country is now among the top 10 countries in the world in the production of board products. The furniture industry has the potential to compete with the world. There is a need for transformation in innovation, design, technique and production management. Forests are among the basic elements of food security. For example, 80% of honey, which is an extremely important food product for our country, is produced in forests and areas considered forest. Pine honey is completely obtained from red pine forests. When products such as laurel, thyme, chestnut, linden, mastic, pine nuts and mushrooms are taken into consideration, the contribution of forests is better understood. Aircraft and helicopters involved in extinguishing forest fires are considered as an important civil aviation activity and create a sector.

Turkey is;

  • 1st in Europe, 2nd in the world in fiber board production,
  • 3rd in Europe, 5th in the world in particle board production,
  • 2nd in Europe, 3rd in the world in laminate flooring production,
  • 13th among 166 countries in the world with a share of 1.6% in timber production,
  • Some organizations in Turkey, especially in the wood board sector, are among the few organizations in the world.

The foreign trade volume of world wood working industry is gradually growing. One of the main reasons of the increase in world export of the sector is the fact that countries are turning to wooden products, as well as developing wood material technologies and the use of wooden building materials in the world is spreading. In parallel with the growth and development of foreign trade in forestry products worldwide, it is seen that the sector is in a structural change and transformation in our country and the export potential of the forestry products sector in our country is gradually increasing.

Chart 3- Turkey’s Wood Working Industry Export

Source: The Turkish Statistical Institute (TÜİK)

Turkey exported wood working industry at $ 900.4 million in 2019 with 6% increase compared to the previous year. The most important export markets have been Iraq, Georgia, Iran, Algeria, Libya, Tunisia, Egypt, Bulgaria, Saudi Arabia and Romania.

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