About Us

Central Anatolian Furniture, Paper and Forestry Products Exporters' Association was founded in 1991 in order to ensure an increase in exports, to consolidate professional solidarity, to regulate professional operations and relations of exporters, to find solutions to their problems, and to provide guidance. Central Anatolian Furniture, Paper and Forestry Products Exporters' Association has 1,700 active members.

The furniture, paper, and forestry products industry accounts for 3% of Turkey's total exports.  

The main export items of the industry are as follows: 

  • Wooden, Metal and Plastic Furniture
  • Tissue Papers
  • Packaging Boxes
  • Fiber Board, Particle Board, Melamine Faced Particle Board 
  • Paper and Cardboard 
  • Protective Cardboard Materials
  • Paper and Cardboard for Printing and Binding
  • Cardboard for Food
  • Printed Books and Newspapers
  • Wooden Doors and Windows
  • Surfacing Materials 

Main export markets are the Middle East and Europe.

In addition to the contribution of home, office and kitchen furniture industries to the countrys’ exports, major sub-industry categories such as the paper-cardboard, board, door-window and the surfacing materials industries, manufacture products meeting global standards as a result of their constantly evolving technologies and the major steps they have taken in the field of design. 

The furniture industry, producing almost all of the sub-industry goods it needs such as wood, metal, glass, iron and textile in Turkey, has a minimum usage of imported goods and as a result is a high value added sector. Istanbul is the leader at furniture group products in terms of business and employement levels.  Istanbul is followed by Ankara, Bursa (Inegol), Kayseri, Izmır and Adana. Major export markets of the furniture industry are Iraq, Saudi Arabia and Germany.

Forests covered 27.2% of our country's territory as compared to 26.1% in 1972 and 26.6 % in 1997. Forests will cover 29% of Turkey's territory by the end of 2019. A wide variety of trees can be grown in Turkey, which is gradually increasing its forest cover representing an asset at global averages, thanks to climatic diversity provided by its special location, which brings about major advantages in the forestry products industry. Main export markets in this segment is Iran, Iraq and Georgia. 

The paper-cardboard industry manufactures and exports a wide range of products from tissue paper to packaging boxes thanks to private ventures and modern production plants in Turkey. Main importers of paper and cardboard include the United Kingdom, Iraq and Israel.