Gentaş Group of Companies which is founded in 1972 in the Mengen district of Bolu province, has the status of a joint stock company traded in BIST since 1990. The group is focused on customer satisfaction, aimed at continuous growth and development, aims to compete on international platforms, and has adopted the mission of contributing to the development of its country with social responsibility awareness. With its significant contributions to the Turkey's economy and employment the Gentas Group gained a leading position in the industry, which has been the pride of the country’s economy by gaining the most important indicator of international quality standards ISO 9001-2008 Quality Certificate. The companies within its structure had adopted the principle of delivering the high quality products to the consumers with a superior service by registering the quality of the products by international organizations. Gentaş, with the targeted vision of being an indespensable brand has gained and proved knowledge and experience throughout the years in the Paper and Forest industries.Especially, Gentaş hold te leading position in manufacturing the products of CPL and HPL Decorative Laminates , and is the first company in Turkey to produce Werzalit and is among the few manufaturers in the World. In the globalizing economy, Gentaş Group updates its policies in order to adapt to the rapidly changing dynamics and to meet the needs of the market that is shaped in simultaneously with this, under appropriate conditions and speed. In this context, more emphasis is placed on customer-oriented works, and Gentaş develops marketing and business strategies by adopting customer satisfaction as a principle. Gentaş Group, which focuses on increasing productivity, quality, customer satisfaction and happiness of its employees in manufacturing/production and provides more benefits to the economy and employment of the country every day, and will continue to increase its contributions to the sector.