As Çamsan Ordu, we have added a new one to our global standards and designed all the visual details that constitute the identity and image of our brand and represent us and you, our valuable stakeholders, in a way to create corporate integrity, carry our company to the future and ensure that we reach everyone at an equal level.

As a result of these studies; we have prepared a “ÇAMSAN ORDU Corporate Identity Guide” covering our rules, standards and identity that is accessible by everyone and easy to use.

We wanted you to use this guide in all your promotional activities in order to act as a whole, to feel the same corporate identity, to promote our brand strongly and to have a permanent and sustainable place in the future.

With the awareness of strengthening our corporate values, we wish you to pay attention to the standard use of emblem, logotype, colour, font, etc. designs in this guide.

Çamsan Ordu is the common value of these lands.

Çamsan Ordu is our common identity ...